After 15 years I'm selling my Syncro Westfalia Camper.
It's been amazing.
I built this site to help me sell my Syncro Westy - and also to remember her by. If you are interested in buying this incredible van, read on and contact me if you think it's a fit...

About the Westy

The Syncro Camper is a unique vehicle. It was well ahead of its time when it was first sold, and there is still nothing like it. The drivetrain was made by the same company that builds ski slope groomers. It has a suspension like a Hummer (the Army ones- not the suburban ones) - four wheel truly independent. The New York Times even took notice of it many years after production ceased.


I might run out of room...

About a year ago I decided it was time to sell the Westy. I had a health issue that significantly affected my ability to go out in her. So I spent about $10K to get most things perfect. Like new paint, carpet, tires etc. More on the important upgrades I've made below:

  • 2004 VW Jetta motor. The original westy motor was not the greatest fit for the car. This VW motor (=cleaner electrical than subaru motor conversions) has under 80K miles on it and was installed in 2005.
  • Brand New Paint, carpet, tires... Just got this done as part of cleaning her up for sale.
  • Custom Air Conditioning. AC in Westys notoriously sucked - so I had a system custom built with standard parts. The AC blower sits between the two front seats - on the floor. Not in the back where the classic Westy AC was! The system has plenty of cooling capacity to add a second evaporator (the part is around $100) if you'd like to cool your passengers or road trip the southwest in the Summer
  • 4WD Decoupler. The Syncro came stock with only the rear decoupler (used to lock the rear differential for truly tricky off road conditions). I added the 4WD decoupler to allow 2WD mode. It's also possible to add locking for the front differential - I didn't need this.
  • Propex Heater. A forced air propane heater with a thermostat. Really makes the snow camping doable, the foggy mornings that much sweeter - and is just fantastic all around to keep cozy. Even with the top up it adds a lot of warmth!
  • 15" Rims, Lift kit, Old Man Emu Shocks and New Tires. Just put some awesome brand new tires on her - see the Gallery. Along with some 15" rims and a 3" lift kit a few years ago. And of course Old Man Emu shocks - no better off road ride around.
  • Dual Propane Tanks. One comes stock. Added the passenger side tank underneath for more capacity.
  • Second ("house") deep cycle battery. Charge both while driving, discharge only one while camping. Runs the blower for the heater, all lights etc. Can be easily adapted to solar, and it was actually, I just didn't mount the panels to keep her stock.
  • Outside hose/shower with marine pump. Just behind the drivers door you can reach underneath and get 15 gallons of pressurized water delivered through a quick connect garden hose. Great for cleaning gear or yourself!
  • Pretty nice stereo. Front and rear speakers with a hidden 10" bass under the center console - and two amplifiers. Connects to smartphones with a USB cable.
  • Freshly cleaned fridge. Not just inside, but the guts of it - new burner orifice and a thorough cleaning has it running great (completed 3/4/18!)
  • Van Cafe "Big Bumpers". Definitely wins against any plastic bumper. 3" of tubular steel. Along with front and back 2" receivers for bike racks and - well, I had a winch too.
  • Contact

    Asking $45K for the Syncro. Please no lowball offers.

    Carfax is here. The mileage on the odometer is 277K - not sure about that last entry on the carfax. The engine was replaced in 2005 with a Jetta motor, which was not reported to the DMV. But you can look under the hood - or rather under the back bed, where an engine belongs!

    VIN: Wv2ZB0257GG069331. Plate: CA 5DMA715

    If this is up your alley, email me... quinn at coincidence dot net.